How We Can Help.

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Opinions and Advice.

If you need advice on a legal issue that’s arisen, please get in touch. We provide advice on a daily basis on a wide range of issues including: Statutes, Regulations, Court decisions, and Privacy and information.

Employment Disputes.

If you are an employer or employee with a personal grievance or other employment dispute, our employment specialists will help you through. They have experience in mediation, the Employment Relations Authority and the Employment Court, so you can be confident of receiving clear concise advice on the process that should be followed and the outcome. If it goes to the Tribunal or Court our familiarity with the practice and procedure will provide you with the best outcome at the most competitive price.

Regulatory Advice Health & Safety and Non-Crown Defence Work.

If you have a dispute with a local authority or a non-Crown agency our team of expert lawyers can assist. We routinely advise our clients on the effects and implications of the regulatory frame work on how they do their work or if someone has stepped outside that framework. We deliver efficient robust advice that identifies the issues and provides you with the tools to determine the correct path to follow.

What We Do Best:

  • We listen to what you are telling us
  • We provide practical clear advice
  • We speak your language
  • We tell you what it is going to cost
  • We look at the best and most cost effective way to resolve the dispute
  • We will use mediation or ADR as a first port of call
  • We try to keep you out of court but if we have to go
  • We know what we are doing in a Court room
  • We look to solve the problem