Please note that from 30 April 2021 HOLLISTER-JONES LELLMAN will no longer be operating as a legal firm.
If your enquiry is for Kathryn Lellman she has now become a Barrister and her details are Kathryn Lellman Barrister, PO Box 13063, Suite 1, 117 Willow Street Tauranga Phone: 07 578-1515 or Email:
If your enquiry is for Andrew Blair please note that Andrew has retired but for general enquiries in relation to Deeds please email
Nick Elsmore enquiries should be to Nick Elsmore Barrister, PO Box 13063, Suite 1, 117 Willow Street Tauranga Phone: 027 556-2343 or Email:

Our Areas of Expertise.

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All our services are designed to prevent, or to work through conflicts – be they business-related or personal. We support large and small businesses and individuals in a wide range of areas. If you want to protect yourself from a dispute occurring down the track or have a potential or actual issue that’s arisen, please get in touch for a confidential chat.

When you call we’ll ask you questions to understand your issue and will then let you know if we can help (and if not, we’ll recommend someone who can.) If, after talking to us, you decide you’d like to engage us we will:

• provide you with our terms of engagement,

• meet with you,

• discuss the options and costs and

• plan the approach with you.

What We Do Best:
  • We listen to what you are telling us
  • We provide practical clear advice
  • We speak your language
  • We tell you what it is going to cost
  • We look at the best and most cost effective way to resolve the dispute
  • We will use mediation or ADR as a first port of call
  • We try to keep you out of court but if we have to go
  • We know what we are doing in a Court room
  • We look to solve the problem